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Kód produktuKAG-UNI-97001-EN
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English version
JG 52 - Aces of the Eastern Front


A new series of our Oficyna in the format of the popular miniTOPCOLORS collection filled with photos, description of the history of the vessel and colorful silhouettes. The book includes a decal sheet printed at the highest level by the Italian company CARTOGRAF. An outline of the history of JG 52 - the most effective fighter regiment of the German Luftwaffe, the pilots of which recorded the shooting down of about 10 800 enemy aircraft. The unit consisted of the most effective pilots of World War II - Erich Hartmann, Gerhard Barkhorn and Günther Rall. The book, in addition to a short information on the combat route of the unit, also presents a list of its commanders, the greatest aces and the flying equipment that it is equipped with. The text is supplemented with numerous photos and color charts showing the painting of airplanes with a set of decals.


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Pridané do katalógu: 30.1.2014
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