Orlik 092 Boeing 767-300 (Matt Paper)

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Kód produktuorl092
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ORLIK 092 Boeing 767-300 (Matt paper)

Cardboard model for assembling the passenger aircraft Boeing 767-300

Model development: Jerzy Janukowicz

The model contains parts on 20 sheets of A3 cardboard and 9 offset sheets. There are 8 sheets with assembly drawings and description in the model.

The Boeing 767 is a long-range, low-wing, twin-engine, low-wing, American-made passenger jet. The drive is provided by two Pratt and Whitney JT-9D or PW4000 or General Electric CF6 or Rolls-Royce RB211 engines. The flight of the prototype took place in 1981, and serial production started in 1982 and is still ongoing. By April 2014, 1,030 copies of this aircraft were produced. The Boeing 767 was created as an attempt by the Seattle-based company to respond to the fuel crisis of the 1970s, which forced the creation of aircraft capable of operating a long-distance connection, but consuming much less fuel than before. In addition, it was during this period that the Boeing concern grew into a formidable competitor in the form of the European Airbus consortium, which since 1972 offered the successful A300 model. The Boeing 767 turned out to be an innovative machine - it was saturated with modern electronic equipment, which made it possible to reduce the crew to 2 people. However, the use of the fly-by-wire system was not decided, despite the fact that Airbus planes used it. In the course of serial production, several main development versions of this very successful aircraft were created, differing mainly in the capacity of the passenger compartment and the engines used, as well as the flight range. The 747-400ER version, which was tested in 2000, can carry up to 375 passengers, and the flight range is 10,415 km.

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Pridané do katalógu: 16.1.2014
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