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Hobby Boss 82903 Germany 280mm Kanone 5 (E) Leopold

Germany 280mm Kanone 5 (E) Leopold - Image 1
Škála: 1:72
Výrobca: Hobby Boss
Kód produktu: HBB82903
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VýrobcaHobby Boss
Kód produktuHBB82903
Hmotnosť:0.69 kg
Pridané do katalógu:28.4.2008
K5 28 cm Kanone 5 E (Eisenbahn) is a German rail gun developed by Krupp as part of the "Sofort-Program" during World War II. It was the most successful German rail gun of that period. Prototypes were built in 1936, and at the time of the invasion of France, the Wehrmacht already had 8 such guns. The K5 E was a traditional 280mm rifled cannon, but a 310mm smoothbore version was created, known as the K5 Glatt. K5 E took part in the French campaign in 1940 and in the battles of Leningrad (1942) and Stalingrad (1942-1943). They also gained a lot of fame during the Battle of Anizo (1944) in Italy, where two German K5 E with proper names "Robert" and "Leopold" very effectively offended the Allied positions. The second cannon is currently on display at the museum in Aberdeen. Technical data: range: 60 km, caliber: 283 mm, combat weight: 218t, rate of fire: 1 shot for 3-4 minutes, initial velocity of the projectile: 1120 m / s.
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Pridané do katalógu: 28.4.2008
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