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The Mongolian army during the 13th-14th centuries was the main force that led to the creation of a huge Mongol empire covering the area from today's eastern Chinese coast to Ukraine and Turkey! The Mongol tribes led the Mongol tribes to great conquests, known rather as Genghis Khan, who initiated them in 1206. The Mongolian army of that period was composed primarily of light and heavy cavalry, with enormous - for those times - mobility, as well as iron and brutal discipline. The main weapons of this cavalry were great bows, but also cutting weapons and wheels. Infantry, due to the huge distances covered by the Mongolian army in the course of the campaign, played a much smaller role. It is estimated that the total Mongolian army could count up to 100-120 thousand. people. Almost every campaign began with a careful reconnaissance, followed by pre-planned military operations, often carried out in a theater of operations that is hundreds of kilometers long. The Mongols were able not only to do great in the field, but also to conquer fortresses. They also acquired technical innovations from their enemies relatively quickly.

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