ACE 72246 Pak.50 7.5 cm German Anti-Tank Gun

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Kód produktuACE72246
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The PaK 50 was a German 75mm anti-tank gun from the Second World War. Its first prototypes were built in 1943, and serial production only continued in 1944. In total, about 350-400 copies of this weapon were produced. The initial velocity of the anti-tank missile oscillated around 720-750 m / s, and the rate of fire was up to 15 rounds per minute, with a maximum range of 6,000 meters.

The PaK 50 cal. 75 mm was created in connection with the desire to reduce the weight of another German anti-tank gun of this caliber - the PaK 40. The new gun was created by combining a clearly shortened barrel of the PaK 40 cannon, adding a completely new muzzle brake and mounting it on a PaK gun carrier 38. The shells for the new cannon have also been changed. However, the gun thus created still had a relatively large weight, and due to the use of a different type of ammunition and a shortened barrel - its ability to penetrate the armor of enemy armored vehicles dropped significantly. These disadvantages led to only a very short series production which lasted - most likely - from May to August 1944. The PaK 50 cannons were used by infantry units and armored grenadiers.

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