Italeri 7402 Triumph 3WH WWII Motorcycle

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Kód produktuita7402
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The Triumph 3HW is a British motorcycle designed for military use during the Second World War. The first copies of this motorcycle appeared in 1939 and mass production started in the same year. It is estimated that more than 450,000 units of this bike were produced between 1939 and 1945, including those made in the United States, making it one of the most produced Allied motorcycles during World War II.

The 3HW model was structurally based on a civil motorcycle from the interwar period called the Triumph Company. At the outbreak of World War II, the British armed forces commandeered a relatively large number of these motorcycles for their needs, but decided to use a different, more dynamic and less emergency engine as a power unit - this is how the 3TW model was created. However, in Coventry, which produced engines for the 3TW model, it was almost razed to the ground during one of the German air raids, which forced the installation of other engines on the motorbikes - this is how the 3HW model was created. The new engine was a 1-cylinder unit with a displacement of 342 cm3 and 17 HP. In the production of this engine, the use of light metals was also limited, which had a positive effect on the production cost. The British armed forces used the Triumph 3HW motorcycle primarily for communication, inter-unit communication and the transmission of orders.

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Pridané do katalógu: 30.10.2004
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