Academy 13410 U.S. M35 2.5ton CARGO TRUCK

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Kód produktuaca13410
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The M35 is an American truck from the post-war era. The first copies of this vehicle appeared in the late 1940s, and serial production continued in 1950-1988 and 1993-1999. The drive was provided - in the first production version - by a single engine REO OA-331 127 hp.

The M35 was created for the US Army by REO Motor Car Company, but over time it was also produced by Kaiser, AM General, but also licensed by: Kia and Ssangyong in South Korea and Bombardier in Canada. The M35 was to replace trucks from the Second World War in the US armed forces. The truck is able to transport up to 2.3 tons of cargo in the field and 4.5 tons on the road. It has all-wheel drive and off-road capability. Three development versions were produced in the course of production: M35A1 (first production version), M35A2 (version powered by Continental engine with 140 HP) and M35A3 (version with reduced operating costs, powered by Caterpillar engine). In addition to these three basic versions, a lot of specialized versions were also created, for example: M-50 (tank truck) and M59 (tipper truck). The M35 family trucks were used very intensively during the Vietnam War (1964 / 1965-1975). They have also been exported to many countries, including Argentina, Austria, Bolivia, Chile, Georgia and Israel.

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Pridané do katalógu: 28.4.2008
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