Waterloo 1815

Waterloo 1815 AP010 Xo Mas 1943/1945 Italian Social Republic

Xo Mas 1943/1945 Italian Social Republic - Image 1
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Výrobca: Waterloo 1815
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VýrobcaWaterloo 1815
Kód produktuWATAP010
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In March 1941, the 10th MAS Flotilla (incl. Decima Flottiglia MAS), which formally was another flotilla of torpedo boats. In essence, it was an elite assault unit of the Italian Navy, consisting of specially trained combat divers, equipped with, among others, miniature submarines or motorboats with explosives. The task of the formation was to conduct subversive actions against large surface vessels of the enemy and his port facilities. The most famous action of the Decima Flottiglia MAS was the serious damage to the battleships HMS Valiant and HMS Queen Elizabeth in Alexandria in December 1941. It is worth adding here that the unit was headed by a skilled navy officer and a staunch fascist Junio Valerio Borghese. This commander, after signing the surrender by Italy in September 1943, went with his unit and other volunteers to the German side and fought, inter alia, at Anzio in 1944. The units of the formation were also used in northern Italy and in Yugoslavia to fight the communist guerrillas. During this period of World War II, the soldiers of the formation achieved the gloomy fame of people responsible for the use of torture on partisans and murders of civilians.

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